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About Bridgecrest Properties, Inc., Realtors®


Bridgecrest Properties, Inc. Realtors® was established and Incorporated on March 29th, 2004. Originally, there were four Owners of the corporation and two Directors. One owner, Barbara Hunter, had a Broker’s license and agreed to Broker the organization which she continues to do. Barbara has over 35 years of experience in the Real Estate business, almost exclusively in the Bay area. She is very knowledgeable and supportive of the agents working for the corporation. Barbara is a 5 Star Professional Award Winner in the real estate business for the past 7 years. Barbara is committed to serving all clients with the utmost of integrity and responsibly, and instills this notion with all Bridgecrest representatives. The business model developed in 2004 was, and remains unique as a 100% commission office for the agents. All Agents receive 100% of the commission for every property transaction they handle, less a small fee paid to Bridgecrest for processing and overseeing the transaction. Since incorporated the corporation conducted business and established a familiar name to agents and clients in the Bay Area marketing region. In 2016 the majority stockholder elected to retire. Larry and Barbara Hunter acquired their stock and assumed control of the corporation. Also at that time, Ms. Ann Russo expressed interest in joining ownership of the corporation, and to assume the daily office duties. Ann officially became an owner of Bridgecrest Properties, Inc. Realtors® on October 3rd, 2016. Ann is an extremely qualified, experience Broker Associate who supports the corporation and its goals. Ann acquired her Broker’s license and brings a happy, cheerful and supportive force to the office and corporation. The new ownership and leadership has brought a renewed energy to Bridgecrest Properties, Inc. Realtors®. Recent initiatives include corporate advertising and marketing to benefit the Bridgecrest Agents and the Corporation. Additional activity included a complete overhaul and launch of the corporate web site, regular networking with other companies, and sharing and encouraging mandatory continuing education classes to the Bridgecrest agents. The new corporate philosophy is: Corporation success will only occur if Bridgecrest Agents are successful. Corporate owners and Directors are committed to the success of the Bridgecrest agents and their clients. “Bridgecrest Properties Realtors® is the bridge to all of your Real Estate needs”.

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